How to Become an Expert at Spotting Fake Pops!

Have you ever found yourself questioning whether the Pop! you have or want to buy could be a fake?

Fake Pops appear to be pretty rampant these days in the collectors game and can really get you second guessing whether you should be adding that final grail you require to complete your collection.

I believe that it is Pop Pantheon's public duty to make everyone aware of what to look out for when making your purchase, so you don't end up spending over the odds on something that is pretty much worthless to an avid Funko Pop collector.

The Front of the Box

Their are a few things to look out for when assessing the front of a pop box to see whether if it is fake or not. Below is one example of the many ways that you can spot a fake. We received this fake Chucky in amongst a bundle purchased from a previous collector. It's likely they didn't even know themselves that they had purchased a fake Pop!

  1. The font of the genre in the top left corner. The example here is one of the easier ones to tell once you know what you're looking for. The letter M in the word MOVIES is different, as you can see by the second image in the gallery the middle of the fake M is the same length as either end. This is not the correct font as the middle should only meet half way up.

  2. The Pop! logo. When I first made this post on my Instagram @funko.street I failed to mention the Pop! logo. Something to look out for with this logo is the colour and the gradient of the colour. With the fake pops its generally a darker yellow all the way through. Whereas, the normal logo has a gradient from darker (top) to lighter (bottom).

  3. The movie logo. Check for any discrepancies with the movie logo. This could be that they are missing an important feature, or again the font is slightly different. The reason this one is noticeable is due to "BRIDE OF" not being as bold as the original. If your'e not sure, check the Funko app and eBay listings (Their can still be fakes that have sold on eBay so check for trusted sellers with high ratings and other discrepancies with the box mentioned here).

  4. Now this one is not guaranteed for every Pop! box you come into contact with, as different Pops have different warning formats throughout. However, you should check to see if your Pop! has the same warning font or format as another of the exact same Pop! In saying this, it would also require you to check the production year as they could have applied a different format when they started up production at a later date. Therefore, you need to ensure you are checking other details too for a complete answer.

  5. The feel of the box. This one is actually quite a big tell once you realise you're dealing with a fake and can help you to spot them easier in the future. If you are able to hold the Pop! before you purchase it then you will likely notice that the actual box texture, weight and strength is different. A fake pop box is generally more glossy. Slightly less sturdy cardboard. You can just tell the quality is not as good as an official Pop! box. They are also sometimes recognisably squashed on the corners. Obviously that can still happen to your real Pop! but it's much more likely if everything else is pointing in the direction of it being fake then this will have occurred.

Now, Their are probably plenty of other ways to tell if the box is fake from the front. The positioning and font of the numbers in the top right corner, discolouration, missing or even added minor details of the character on the box. This will be a very long post if I go into all of them in great detail. Therefore, I will just say if your'e not sure, make sure to check your sources, eBay, Funko app, Facebook groups, compare or ask others before making big or even small purchases.

More often than not the mistakes made on fakes are due to the font of the lettering or minor spelling mistakes. When asking for pictures, make sure to ask for a picture of every single side of the box and if the image quality isn't good enough to make out the writing, ensure they send a better quality picture.

As seen on this side profile the font is wrong. This is only a subtle difference but once you know how minor the changes can be and what to look for, it puts you in a better position to spot the fakes.

The bottom of the box is generally the most riddled with mistakes and also the side of the Pop! box someone is most likely to leave out when taking pictures for you.

1. For this example, not so obviously the Instagram logo is very slightly off centre compared to the other social media logos.

2. The positioning of the word Australia is lower than the rest of the address.

3. The word entertainment is spelt completely wrong! I know Funko don't have the best track record with quality assurance but I don't think they would ever make a mistake like this.

4. The font of the website is not correct.

5. This is not the case for all Pops. However, if you compare two of the same Pop boxes the font of the numbering also differs with the fakes.

6. The Product number on the bottom of the box. Real Pops! stamp, sticker and emboss the product number to the bottom. If it isn't their at all, its likely its fake. Collectors know to keep the stickers on for authentication purposes. Other times they are their but the font of the sticker is wrong, the format of the item number is not correct or the date of production is not accurate.

The example here is that the number 4 should actually be an open 4 as shown in the image to the left. However, some Pops especially the older one's do have this open 4 font. Therefore, again this example only works in some cases and you need to consider everything else.

OOB (Out of Box) Pop!

You also need to consider the actual Pop Vinyl figurine.

Often the things to look out for here are missing details in the paint work, the wrong colouring of the paint job etc.. In this example the fake does not have the blood splatters on his clothes or the detail of the blood splatter on the knife.

One of the most obvious details is whether the Pop! has an item number stamped either on the feet or along the base of the head. If their is no item number at all then you definitely have yourself a fake Pop! if their is an item number you still need to verify that it is the correct item number. Generally the only way to do this is to ask someone (For example in a Facebook Pop! group) if you can compare. However, the newer one's tend to have the same item number stamped on the foot as the one stamped on the bottom of the box.

Other Details may be their is no Funko LLC imprinted on the bottom of the pop or if their is they are missing copyright or TM markings.

You can not go solely off of the paint job of a Pop! as stated previously, Funko quality assurance is not always up to par.

Finally check where your product is coming from and what the price is. If you are purchasing from eBay and it's coming from China it's likely fake. If the pricing is too good to be true its also likely to be fake! Don't get suckered in to a great deal unless you know you can really trust the seller. If you're purchasing off of Facebook ask around the groups to ensure the seller is known and trusted. If they don't really have a profile presence don't risk it, they have likely just set up a new account so they can't get caught when scamming people.

To conclude, get as many pictures as you need! make sure to look for minor details including fonts, colouring, box details and spelling mistakes. If you still aren't sure ask around. The Pop! community are a loving bunch and always happy to help each other out.

Most importantly shop safe. (The Pop Pantheon Team)

If there is anything you think we have missed that can help others to identify fake Pops, add a comment below!

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